Some good reasons!

1. Customers have something pleasurable to read while waiting for their order.

2. Coffee News® gives a single customer something to do besides stare in another customer's direction.

3. Coffee News® gives the shy customer some interesting facts to share.

4. Coffee News® is short and sweet. Not as messy as other publications.

5. Format is easy to handle with one hand so as not to spill or take up space.

6. It's popular, customers come back and enjoy more issues and increase the restaurant's steady client base.

7. Sales and tips can be increased if the wait person gives a customer a copy of Coffee News® " to enjoy while you wait".

8. Restaurant patrons love Coffee News® and will patronize those restaurants where it can be enjoyed.

9. Coffee News® does not advertise your competition, only your potential customers.

10. Coffee News® is highly professional and distinctive.

11. It's FREE!!